Tips & Tricks


Building Tips: Supporting Wooden Tracks with Your Block Platform

When elevating your Block Platform, it is important to support the wooden tracks. To do this, place a block directly underneath the connections of the Block Platform and the wooden tracks.



Video: How to Build Sturdy Supports for Your Dreamup Toys Block Platform

Here is a quick video we put together the describes an easy way to build supports for your Wooden Railway Block Platform using LEGO DUPLO bricks.


DREAMup with Big or Small Bricks!!

Little LEGO brand bricks snap perfectly onto big DUPLO brand bricks, and vice versa!



Building Tips: How to Make Simple Legs for your Block Platform

Here is a simple way to make legs and support your Block Platform when building elevated structures!



Clean Your Dreamup Toys the Easy Way – Use the Dishwasher

Dreamup Toys’ Block Platforms are white because they represent a blank canvas for your child’s creations…but white toys can get dirty! Luckily, your Block Platforms are dishwasher safe!  So, next time you run a load, throw them in!