Block Platform Packs
Block Platform Set 2-Pack + 2 Wooden Ascending Incline Tracks

Block Platform Cross 2-Pack

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Build a tunnel. Build a station. Build a multi-level masterpiece! The Block Platform cleverly combines wooden train tracks with classic building blocks/bricks like Lego Duplo  to facilitate open-ended creative play. Use it flat on the building surface, or snap blocks underneath to support the tracks while you build upwards. It's easy! Compatible with all major brands. Large Lego Duplo Blocks or smallLego blocks can snap onto the top of this platform. Only large Lego Duplo blocks snap to the underside of this product, small Lego blocks do not snap to the underside.

Please note: the Wooden Railway Block Platform does not utilize "tabs" to support the track, but rather it positions snapped-in blocks underneath in locations which create support surfaces or "lips" for the builder to simply rest the track.

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