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There are Many Ways to Build with Block Platforms!

Build flat on the playing surface, or raise your Block Platform up using Bricks as support.  There are so many ways to build!  Kids will have hours of fun discovering them all!

You Can Even Build A Lion Tunnel With Dreamup Toys!!

Build whatever comes to mind with Dreamup Toys – even a lion tunnel!!

Easily Build Sturdy, Multi-level Train Layouts!!

With Dreamup Toys’ Block Platform, your little builder (and big builder) can easily build sturdy, multi-level wooden train layouts! Just snap blocks underneath the Wooden Railway Block Platform to support the wooden track. Then, build whatever comes to mind! It’s that easy!

Share your Dreamup Toys train masterpieces with our community!

We would love to see your creations! Please share photos of what you’ve built with your block platforms.  You can email your photos directly to us or post them on our Facebook or Pinterest pages.  

A Tough New England Winter Hasn’t Slowed Down Dreamup Toys

Despite a bitterly cold and stormy winter, Dreamup Toys continues to serve it’s customers.  Keep those orders coming!

Enhance your Wooden Train Set with Dreamup Toys!

Here’s a cool water tower we built with our Dreamup Toys Block Platform. Combine building blocks like Lego Duplo and wooden trains to enhance creativity!

Playtime Ideas

Ready for a playtime challenge? Dreamups are designed to link up seamlessly with the toys that you already own, like building blocks and wooden train sets. Let the little ones start small, with a simple loop and hill using blocks to lift the dream up to the next level.

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