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Wonderful Product Endorsement From a Delighted (Australian) Customer

Check out this wonderful post about our Wooden Railway Block Platform by Liv from the Eenie Meenie Miney Mum blog.  She recently purchased a four-pack of our Wooden Railway Block Platforms and she and her family loved them so much she wrote a blog post about them!

Here’s a little snippet from the post (that we love):

“These are just about my most favourite find in the history of ever, because they’ve completely revolutionised how my littles play with their railway. […] Dreamups have my littles thinking BIG, and there’s just no end to what we can create with our railways. Raised levels and platforms, stations, viewing docks, tunnels of any height, that any sized toy train of your choosing can fit through. If you can dream it up, you can do it. Hours of fun. Let me stress that again…HOURS”

Follow Eenie Meeni Miney Mum for lots of very interesting, witty and thought provoking information about her experience raising her three small children.


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