RESOLVED: Compatibility with Learning Curve’s Thomas-branded Track

We have unfortunately discovered that the first couple batches of Wooden Railway Block Platforms had a design flaw preventing it from fitting properly with Learning Curve’s Thomas-brand wooden track.  There are no fit issues with any the other major brands of wooden track, such as Brio, Melissa & Doug, Maxim, Etc.

Product affected have date codes prior to 11-2014.  The particular style of track that does not fit properly has two grooves for a train on one side and one wide groove for cars on the other.  This track is wider than most other wooden track and doesn’t fit right with our Wooden Railway Block Platform.

This compatibility issue is our fault and we apologize to all customers who have encountered this problem.  We have fixed our design so all future Wooden Railway Block Platforms produced will work with any similar style of wooden track.

For those experiencing this issue at home with your block platform, you have two options: 1) perform a quick and simple modification you can easily make at home, or 2) contact to arrange for an exchange.

To perform the quick and simple modification to fix your Wooden Railway Block Platform, you will need a craft file and follow the instructions below:



We are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this design flaw has caused.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact our customer support team at 860-598-0501 or

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