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Dreamup Toys’ Products Now Available at Autism Community Store

We are proud to announce that Dreamup Toys’ products are now available at Autism Community Store in Denver, Colorado.

The Autism Community Store is a parent-owned autism and special needs resource, a special little shop helping families, teachers and therapists get hard-to-find products for kids with ASD, PDD-NOS, Aspergers, SPD, ADHD and other special needs at reasonable prices.

The autism shop has the autism supplies kids need to learn, play, feel good and get better: autism therapy products, sensory integration products, autism toys, sensory toys, autism books, autism awareness products, autism supplements, ABA materials and everything you need for teaching children with autism. From sensory solutions like weighted blankets, stuffed animals, and lap pads, compression vests, therapy swings, wiggle seats and chewy tubes to classroom solutions like visual aids and visual timers, to products that solve common problems at home – sleep, safety, hygiene and more, the Autism Community Store is your source for therapist-tested, kid-approved autism products at reasonable prices.

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