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Adds a whole new element of fun to our wooden train playtime. These pieces easily connect to our wooden train tracks and using our Lego Duplo blocks, our kids can create their own tunnels, bridges and skyscrapers . . . Anything they can dream up!


Dreamup Team,

   My name is Alexa Peterson, I have a four year old boy who is absolutely obsessed with your new wooden train tracks. He and I spend hours putting the train tracks together, taking them apart, and making it into something of a completely different style. As a working mom, it’s a really special time when we both come home every day during the week after long hours apart and the train tracks that you, Dreamup, have designed, are always something my son and I can share, laugh, build, and be silly with together.

   The tracks are beautifully made, and are so easy for little fingers to put together and take apart. These train tracks, are so meaningful to my son but also to me as well. My son doesn’t play with any of his other toys except these tracks, and I literally mean only the train tracks.

   Sometimes on the warmer days we take the train tracks outside, put on the hose for a water fall effect!  My son and I get really into making hills and big towers of blocks that the train tracks can go in, under, and around.

   Another thing besides having a complete blast with the product itself, the train tracks NEVER break! My son is defiantly a ‘bull in a china shop’ to say the least, he is a tiny bit destructive….not purposely, but he is a four year old boy who has fun playing rough. So, moms who have young boys will be so happy that there isn’t another broken toy that you have to replace, because these train tracks are pretty much indestructible and extremely well made.

   Thank you Dreamup team for not only giving my son a toy he adores but for giving bonding time between a mother and a four year old boy.

Kind Regaurds,


We ordered a set and it’s awesome addition to our train set. You get definitely get more creative adding duplo to train tracks!



My kid is a bit obsessed with trains.  Tracks snake through our living room, and just the other day, he realized he could continue his building all around the staircase in our Cape-style house, so we have trains all over (and it is amazing)!  With a husband who works at Lego, we also have a ridiculous supply of Lego and Duplo bricks in the living room.  The little guy always tries to put trains and bricks together; he’s had some pretty creative processes, and even successful products, but there is always a good amount of frustration involved. 
Holy cow! When we discovered this platform of yours! After seeing it in a Google search, we put it on his Amazon list, knowing we would grab one eventually.  He just had a birthday, and ended up getting a platform piece with grandma birthday money.  He ran right into the living room, and added the “new Moffat Tunnel” (it’s a tunnel out in Colorado that he, for some reason, really likes) to his existing layout. It’s this little amazing bit of awesome.  I love watching him invent, solve problems, build, create, plan, struggle, fail, succeed…I’m super excited to see what other things he’s going to do with this piece.  Isn’t it amazing how one little piece of plastic can just spark such an adventure? 
So very glad you came up with it.  And you’re right here in Connecticut, too!
Thank you, and keep up the great work, guys!

We love ours!

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