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Dreamup Toys Launches New Cross Track Platform

We are pleased to announce the launched of our new cross platform. It’s ability to combine wooden trains and building blocks opens up endless possibilities for little builders, making this the best cross track on the market!

Shop for Dreamup Toys at Amazon for Greatest Selection

Check out our Dreamup Toys Amazon listings for a greater selection!
2-Pack Plus 2 Wooden Ascending Tracks: $28.99……
16-Piece Complete Set with Maple Landmark Wooden Track and Trains: $99.99……

Dreamup Toys Launches a New 16 Piece Set Complete with Tracks and Trains

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new 16 piece set, available exclusively on! This set is for those who LOVE TO BUILD! Combining high quality, Made in USA track pieces from Dreamup Toys and Maple Landmark Woodcraft.

Give A Great New Toy That Does NOT Have a Screen!

The Dreamup Toys’ Wooden Railway Block Platform encourages inventive play with the classic toys you already have: wooden trains and building blocks.

Dreamup Toys is Proudly Made in USA

We are proud to say that Dreamup Toys’ Wooden Railway Block Platforms are made in Connecticut, USA.

Terrific Review of Dreamup Toys by Viva Veltoro!

Check out the review that popular product reviewer and mommy blogger, Viva Veltoro, recently posted about our Wooden Railway Block Platform! A highlight from the article that we liked reads, “the sky’s the limit on what can be imagined and created”. The article also includes great photography and a links to a 4-pack giveaway, so […]

Dreamup Toys’ Block Platform Promo Video

We put together a quick promotional video to show off our new Wooden Railway Block Platform that combines Wooden Trains and Building Blocks. We hope you enjoy it!

Easily Build Sturdy, Multi-level Train Layouts!!

With Dreamup Toys’ Block Platform, your little builder (and big builder) can easily build sturdy, multi-level wooden train layouts! Just snap blocks underneath the Wooden Railway Block Platform to support the wooden track. Then, build whatever comes to mind! It’s that easy!

Wonderful Product Endorsement From a Delighted (Australian) Customer

Liv from the blog Eenie Meenie Miney Mum recently purchased a four-pack of our Wooden Railway Block Platforms and she and her family loved them so much she wrote a blog post about them!

Dreamup Toys Makes Great Easter Basket Stuffers

Dreamup Toys’ Block Platform makes the perfect Easter Basket stuffer for the child who loves wooden trains and popular building blocks.   Order by Monday, March 30th for guaranteed delivery by Easter Sunday (contiguous 48 United States only).

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