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Building Tips: Supporting Wooden Tracks with Your Block Platform

Our Wooden Railway Block Platform was designed (and is patent-pending) to enable the construction of stable, multi-level wooden train track layouts.  However, this feature may not be obvious, so here are some tips to help you build your multi-level masterpieces:

First, when elevating your Block Platform, it is important to create a surface that supports the wooden tracks.  To create a support surface, place blocks underneath the track connections of the Block Platform such that a “lip” is created.  This “lip” is the support surface that the wooden track will rest on.  See Figure 1 below for the placement locations.


Figure 1: place blocks to create a support surface for wooden tracks

The best support surface is one that runs along the width of the Block Platform like a “crossbeam”.  We have found that 2×8 blocks or two 2×4 blocks end-to-end make the best “crossbeams”.

Once you have built those “crossbeams”, build legs that attach to and support those “crossbeams” as shown in Figure 2 below.


Figure 2: Build legs to support the “crossbeams”

For more building tips, check out the fantastic building guide by

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