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Behind the Scenes: Dreamup Toys’ New Photography Setup

As you know, Dreamup Toys is a small, family-run startup.  As we go through this adventure, we thought we’d start sharing with you some behind the scenes peeks at some of the things we do.

I’ll start with what we worked on a bit this week: a product photography setup.  We will use this setup to take photos of new products, cool layouts, building tips, etc.

We first had to clear an area in our basement, which is where most of the Dreamup Toys activities happen.

Next, we made a table with a sheet of plywood and sawhorses.  This will act as our surface for placing the items we photograph.

We then hung a roll of 4 foot wide paper and pulled it down over the table to create a seamless backdrop.

Lastly, we added lights that we bought used on Craigslist, our tripod and camera.

Setup complete!


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